Bilal Akil


I'm Bilal Akil. Husband and father. Senior Software Engineer at Wargaming Sydney. Experimenting and learning about the different facets of indie game development via Doodad Games.


Unity Stuff

Editor Hacks

I've been finding myself writing hacks to help me with mundane Unity Editor tasks, sometimes just as a one-off, and thought I'd document them here. I think learning to hack at the Unity Editor is extremely valuable in a game dev toolset, and if I saw these tidbits then I would've been less intimidated getting into it.

  1. Change All Game Objects in All Scenes
  2. Programatically Change Texture Import Settings for Different Platforms
  3. Find Poorly Sized Images


Old Tech Posts

I've not been able to maintain these old posts, but they seems to be helping people so I've kept them alive: